My heart is so full

I am the undeserving object of thoughts and prayers. I don't know how to thank you all
             enough for the countless emails, facebook comments and phonecalls I have
             gotten in the past few days.

I am overwhelmed. I feel so, so, very loved.

I am incredibly blessed. I know God was with me the whole 6 six hours I was inside the
             surgery center.

I am relieved. Though there were some uncomfortable (okay, downright vexing)
             experiences, there was never any bad pain in those six hours.

I am thankful. Praise God for doctors, for anesthesia, for nerve blocks, IVs, and kind

I am hurting but healing. My thigh is not yet used to missing a muscle.

I am annoyed at being dizzy whenever I stand. The faintness is an effect of my
             pain medication... but hey, at least it's not making me nauseous.

I am humbled by my family's serving me so constantly and lovingly. I love you all so

I am so happy. My left knee is actually tighter  than my right one now!

Thanks to Jesus,

P.S. A novel-style account of the surgery is coming soon. 

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