Love or Love?

I’ve been writing a bit from an angel’s perspective (due to my book) … and it made me realize something. Angels don’t have romance.
Now at first this sounds pretty obvious. After all, there’s only one kind of them where there’s two kinds of us. But hang on a second. First of all, I need to say that what I’m calling “romance” is what most humans call “love.” It includes all that sappy stuff - the heart pounding, breath stopping – basically it’s this feeling that God created for two people who are married (or almost). I could go on about how angry I am at the fact that everyone always assumes love is an emotion that you simply can’t control, and you can’t help it if you stop loving someone, and how real love is an action not a feeling… well it all boils down to the fact that most times the culture says “love” they mean “romance and a little bit of love.”
So there’s love on one hand: feeling, emotions, romance. And then there’s love on the other hand: choice, sacrifice, selflessness. The trouble is that we meld them together. After all, we’re much more inclined to show real love to someone we have special feelings for. we’re attracted to or admire or even feel pity for. They just kind of mush together, which can be really annoying since I think romance is rather silly and way over-glorified (although it does have it's place.)
So there I am at my laptop, trying to put myself in this angel’s place. I realized this might make for an interesting point. Imagine an angel watching God create the universe. Imagine him watching these two humans and trying to figure out this weird emotion between them – something he’s never felt, never seen, never known even existed. Maybe it hadn’t.
I got excited, because here this angel was, who had spent endless hours worshiping God and doubtless loved him… observing love #2 and trying to comprehend it. It was such a clear separation of the two. It was just… very interesting.
So go think about it, okay?

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