"My Book"

So I figured that many times in this blog I will be mentioning my book. (As it's a pretty big part of my thought life.) And every time I do, I don't want to have to explain about it. Soooo, that's what this is. To link to every time I say “in my book” or “it reminded my of my book.”

So. I'm writing this book. You could call it a novel but that word makes me cringe. So I don't. It's a story, biblical fiction, about the happenings before the flood. Mostly it centers around a girl who happens to be Noah's daughter. Now don't get too worried, let me explain.
It was one of those “moments of brilliance” we writers have, where God gives us an extra burst of creativeness and our imagination takes wing. And they're not too often, so when they happen we have to take note. Anyhow, I just got to thinking, what if Noah had a daughter? It wouldn't be too impossible, since the Bible doesn't mention daughters very much (actually... well just see the last paragraph.) But he DID, then she must not have been on the ark, because it mentions those specifically. Hmm. So I wonder why? Did she die? Did she turn away? But isn't she part of Noah's family, so would be saved anyway? Then why wasn't she?

With that, I just had to start a story. So far I'm in the progress of “researching.” I put it in quotes because there's not much actual writing recorded about before the flood times. The sources I've found so far that intrigue me are the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees. Not Biblical, so it's not like they're true, but I have to create so much about the world anyway that I figured they probably are closer to the truth than theories people make up today.

Anyhow, that's “my book.” My goal is to finish it by the end of the year, or at least have 85,000 words of it finished. It'll be interesting to see if I make it, considering I've never finished a story anywhere near that length. I'm determined though. :)

Before I end I just have to say that I don't actually believe Noah had a daughter. But you never know, right? This is fiction after all. ;)

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