Thanks, God

I just wanted to take a moment to say this.

Be thankful.

That's it. Just thank God. Because you have every reason in the world to.
This morning my cat, Bori (okay, so her real name is Borealis) was meowing at me to change her water. As I moved toward the sink, she managed to get right in front of where I was stepping with my right foot. As a result, I couldn't step on my right and instead went lunging forward, catching myself with my left leg.
So this all just sounds like a fancy way of saying “I tripped,” but really, as some of you might realize, this could be an incredibly disastrous happening for my loose knee. Thus, after I had safely landed on my left leg, I sort of stood there. I was shocked. I just sort of froze, analyzing the situation. My top thought was:
My kneecap didn't come off. It should've come off right there. I'm fine!
I was amazed. And very thankful. I gave God a huge thanks.

So I guess the reason I'm saying all this is because it's something I'm working on – thanking God for what doesn't happen. There are SO many times my knee should've come off. And many I'm sure I never even realized. But if I think about, I become amazed at how often God has prevented my knee from going out. Instead of becoming depressed at the times it does.

So don't just thank God for what he's made happen. Thank God for what he's made not happen. :)


  1. Great Post, AJ!! I just broke my nose and after reading this post I feel quite greatful that God let me break it after Nationals instead of before or during. This really puts things in perspective =)

  2. My dear sweet Ariel, you have such a gift for words.