On Little Girls and Princesses

How strange it is to be a celebrity.

I'm not a very big celebrity, that's for sure, considering most of my fans are diminutive females under the age of eight.

Yes, this is me. This is what I've been doing lately - being Cinderella. After the musical, I'm swarmed by mothers with their little girls and cameras in hand. The girls walk up to me with huge eyes, not believing they're actually seeing Cinderella - who they've just watched sing and dance in REAL LIFE for the past two hours. When I bend down to give them a hug, some return it... but most just stand there in shock.

"Look over here, honey!" Their moms hold the phone up and I smile. My cheeks hurtafter the first 10 girls, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. These girls look up to me. There mouths are open and eyes are disbelieving as they finally greet their heroine, a real princess.

Why?  Why is meeting Cinderella the highlight of their month? Why is being a princess their ideal existence?

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. (Well, mostly.) Why is that? Even as a "grown-up" I have a fascination with beautiful dresses. We go from being entranced by mini sparkly princess gowns to trying to hide our squeals as we drive by the sumptuous dresses displayed in the bridal store window. Why is that?

I wish I could remember why. All I can do is smile at these little girls wonder - and wonder myself what they're thinking. Marveling at their innocent sense of idealism. So soon they'll learn that it takes more than the wave of a wand to live in a castle. That Prince Charming will not be a perfect prince. That happily ever after is not attained by magic.

But they'll still never really let go of the little princess in themselves.

Picture credits:
My mom
Rack of dresses


  1. Are you calling me a diminutive female under the age of eight?? :P

    Just so you know, I've talked about your adventures as Cinderella in an impromptu round. So yeah. I hope you're okay with that.

  2. Hey, I said most!

    Oh. ...Okay. Well thanks for asking. :P Glad I could be of assistance. :D