It's 70 degrees again

I was sitting at the dining room table. I looked outside. We have a smallish backyard, and here's what I saw.

A couple plastic chairs. Behind them, one of our sweet gum trees. Behind that the old fence. Behind that the neighbor's house. Behind that a big tree. Behind that a huge green mountain. Behind that the sky. Piercing blue sky.

And everything was brightened by the sunlight. It was so beautiful that I just stared at it. Why. Why was it beautiful? I don't understand! A very common problem with me is the lack of ability to explain things. But I'll try...

It was just the fact that the world was so ... 3-D. Everything was so real, and so bright, and so vivid, and so ... Earth. It was just Earth and Earth is so beautiful. I can't get over it. I couldn't stop looking at that mountain, tree, plastic chair, blue sky, because God made the earth so beautiful. How do I explain this? Are we not all blessed with this ability to enjoy what He made for us? I know I'm not the only one, but I also know I forget to look most days.

Really, people. Just take a second and look. It is so easy. I know this probably sounds really cliche, but I am so, so serious! It's too easy to pass by. It's too easy to let God fill you with wonder at ordinary things. They are everywhere - literally everywhere.

And then there was the little bush by the fence; it's sprouting buds now. Wow. I love spring! The sun was so warm on my back and arms that when I opened the door to come inside - to write about all this - I couldn't step inside. So I shut the door and just stood there. Basking in the sun and the light and God's magnificent goodness to me! Yes, to me. It's all a gift to me. That's not even possible to wrap my mind around.

I think I'm rambling, and I'm sorry, but I'm still not over Earth. And I pray I will never get over it. God is the one who gives me the ability to enjoy it after all. Hm. What a lovely thought.

I'm dead serious about this: you need to take a minute - or five or ten - and step outside. Don't dare tell me you don't have one minute. Just stand there, and whatever is there, however cold or hot or boring or beautiful... take it in. Soak it in. Soak in God's Earth. Stand there in silence and let your soul sing thanks to him. Go. Go!


  1. Amazing writing! This is very inspiring. I did just as you asked and stepped outside my backyard, and you are right. The Earth is amazing and NO ONE should get over it. :)

  2. I definitely know what you mean, Ariel -- so true! :)

  3. unsocialized homeschooler - thank you! Hooray for you for stepping outside! :D

    Hannah - I know, isn't it? :)

  4. aw thanks for your comment :) it really made my day :)

  5. me, myself, and i - oh, hooray! :)