Coming Soon...

I have a massive post about free will coming. As in, I was getting ready to post it when I just kept adding and adding, and my muddly brain wouldn't stop to let me organize as I kept typing, so it turned into a huge out-of-order mess that's still wanting to get bigger....

Anyhow. I love the topic of (non-existent) free will - in fact, I even wrote a speech about it once, but I'm starting to even disagree with that... but back to topic - so it will be long. In fact, I'm thinking I'll just break it into a few parts. Just because. No one likes mammoth blog posts. :D

So you could read up. If you care. Examine your own position on free will and actually take time to think about why you hold it. Because I might just attempt to take down some of your arguments... ;D

Until then!

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