I love and hate how practically everything in life is a balance. Not too much, not too little. It's great because not everything has to be absolute, the same for everyone. It's not so great because boy is it hard to keep that balance with some things.

Fiction is edifying; I can't read too much. Talking with old friends is incredibly enriching; I can't forget to make new ones. I need to get enough sleep; I need more time in my day! Writing blog posts and emails is a good thing; I can easily spend way too much time on it. Researching for my book is a fabulous thing; I need to start actually writing as soon as possible. See what I mean?

Anyhow, I've just been thinking about that lately. I suppose I should talk a little about normal life. Let's see...

I'm now the audio engineer and acting director for FI, so I'm really kept busy at shoots. Which is a good thing. Right now we have a week break from filming... let's just say it's very refreshing. :)

Yes, I know, I know, I'm still researching for my book. But I'm really getting places. You would not believe how much I have to invent for this world that we hardly know anything about. Did you know it was around 1500 years from the creation to the flood? With a warm, lush enviornment and lifespans up to 1000 years, just think of what they could've accomplished. Yep, I have to figure all that out.

I just got back from physical therapy... I think I'm progressing. It's just that I still can't straighten my knee in front of me using only my muscle. It's weird and frusterating. But I guess these things take time.

So. Yes. I have no idea what all that had to do with balance... but now that things are random I might as well give you a nice random picture. :D
I made this at wordle.net.Awesome site. I used the text of Psalm 36.

Good day!

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