A voice raised in song...

An experiment I embarked upon two evenings ago. I titled it April.

 ..enjoying the creative process of not knowing what chord is going to come next... the feeling of discovering music as it flows from inside me... all thanks to God. I had a glorious time writing/recording this. The end result is not so glorious, so pardon the squeaky high voice. Enjoy as a successful experiment for the composer - a 2 hour composition with no planning ahead. Just singing what sounds like it ought to go next...

Tools used: Samson mic, pop filter, Mixcraft, my voice, slight reverb


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! It's soothing and ethereal...very Narnian, I think. Absolutely lovely. =)

  2. Wow, that was beautiful. It gave me goosebumps.
    Keep blessing with your wonderful gift!

  3. That was so pretty!! You are very talented, it sounded like it could be on a movie!! :)

  4. Thank you guys, I am really blessed by your words.

    Em - Narnian! Coolness - I didn't even think of that. :D
    Josh - With God's strength, I will. Thank you. :)
    Karissa - A movie... wow, I never thought of that either!