34 happy things

Yesterday was ... not the best day in the world. I'm not even sure why. It was just "one of those days."

At the end of the day, I got in a nice, hot, steamy shower. Ahh... suddenly I realized I was talking to myself. Like constantly. Like I was really hyper.

So, being "I must know why I'm feeling what I'm feeling" me, I decided to start listing off possible reasons for this good mood. I got to 34.

Wow. I just listed off 34 happy things about my "bad" day. Now, being a person who can hardly remember the day after it's lived, this was impressive. And it was just plain lovely.

So at the end of you're next "one of those", take a moment and see if you can think of 34 things - however random and silly some might be - that went right.

Or then went wrong, but made you smile. :)


  1. Yay! So happy that you posted about this. =)

  2. I wish I read that post yesterday... Yesterday was probably the my most depressed day since I've been home. It was definitely One of Those Days... Thank you for making me smile!

  3. Emily - :) ... but why were you up at 11:08 PM?

    Josh - I'm sorry :( and you're very welcome. Do it next One of Those Day. :)