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Howdy. So I did end up starting a vlog and I had to connect it with a website because that's what you do (no actually there were a lot of reasons, one of which that I wanted to continue to blog about these things I touch in in a video and I wanted to do so with a URL that matched the vlog name...)

Anyway all that to say I've a new blog of sorts, so I'm not sure how much I'll really be using this one. We'll see. Anyhow. Mosey on over to arielthehuman.wordpress.com for the blog part... or go to youtube.com/arielthehumanvlog for the vlog part.

I'm really excited about this, actually. It's really fantastic and I'm enjoying every bit! I hope you will join me. :) If not, I understand. Well, kind of. At least, a little.

Okay, I'm sorry, I'm just in a bit of a hyper mood because CHRISTMAS!!!!! And evergreens and lights and fireplaces and nutcrackers and carols and snow (hopefully)..... it's all just too good.

You can also go look at my Pinterest boards... or join me on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter. I won't mention Google + because who uses that anymore????

Everyone have a blessed Christmas season!

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