A Masterpiece

Josh was an incredible encourager. He wrote many uplifting things in his emails, but this portion is by far my favorite. It's dated January 12, 2012. 


You are a masterpiece that grows closer to completion every day.   You cannot expect to be finished overnight, and you cannot allow yourself to become discouraged when you don’t progress as fast as you think you should.  The Artist loves to watch every stroke of His brush add another dimension of depth and beauty, bringing you closer and closer to His perfect vision.  When the portrait of your life is complete, He will unlock the canvas from its easel, and hold it up:  “Ariel Jessica Strom, you are mine.”  And with that, He will add the finishing touch: His signature - written in His blood.  He will walk over to His wall and hang it up to admire its beauty and perfection.  At that moment, you will be standing there with Him, having finally realized that your entire life on earth was merely preparation for this moment, and the eternity to follow.

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  ~Jesus

            Hold fast and draw near, Ariel.  Never let go of Him: close your eyes and dive.


Never pass up the opportunity to encourage someone. You never know how long your words might be remembered. He probably had no idea I would still cherish these words a year and a half after he wrote them. 

Encouragement is powerful. Use it.


  1. How beautiful... what an incredible blessing to still have those words. Thankyou for sharing them.

  2. I needed this. Oh my word, I needed this so badly today. Josh...you are still touching lives even though you're enjoying your eternal one right now.

    Thank you, Ariel. Love you much.

  3. I've followed several stories that have written about this young man, Josh. I never met him, but he sounds like he was such a godly, strong young man. Do you know what amazes me so much? How all of you young people have trusted the Lord, and have kept serving him even though this was such a painful tragedy. I'm sure that would be exactly how Josh would want it though...for everyone to keep fighting and serving in the spiritual battle!
    Praying for all of the friends and family still!
    God Bless,